Today we offer

Digital service design, software development, artificial intelligence, web applications, data visualization, prototyping, technical consulting, and website development.

We have the capabilities for the above services and solutions today. We are also constantly developing our skills so that we can not only offer more, but also deliver it. Do you have a request outside our service range? Tell us your need, and we’ll figure out how to help you.

So far we have worked with the following organizations and projects: Posti, Kuusakoski, Jumbo, Mustikka Go, Sanoma, Sitra, Kaskas Media, Gapps, Solinor, Torikorttelit, Mainostoimisto Frank, D11, Pyörien Pyörä, Vapa Media, Ivalo Creative, Karteks, Linja Logistics, Kalliolan Nuoret, Suomen Hierojakoulut, SuPer, Tulevaisuuden Valtiopäivät & Pikku Delfiinit.



Seiffi Cover

What we did?

How to recycle your old device with memory securely? Since there was no proper option, we helped our clients to build this system from the scratch.

With help of Seiffi, your device will be secure demolished and recycled.

How it went?

We did this work together with Enne Collective. They did visual design and communication. We did service design, software development and all API-connections and money transfer solutions.

Project included beta-testing phase before actual launch. Client was extremely happy with the result. Maybe that’s why we have done collaboration ever since.

On next phase, we are looking for partners from retail sector. Hopefully some day it is a standard that one recycles old device inside secure processes.



kesyttämätöntä kauneutta

What we did?

Creative Agency Ivalo created touching campaign with a message for 80 years old jewellery brand Kalevala Koru. #kesyttämätön celebrated the variety female power and tameless beauty.

With our application, everyone was able to partake.

How it went?

Campaign got great publicity, tens of thousands of viewers and plenty of shares.

We were happy to help client to create digital aspect of campaign. It is honour to do work with other beautiful agencies.


CASE: Cover

What we did?

Syrian Civil War and Afghanistan War caused Europe width refugee crisis that originates in 2014. To help refugee centers designer Elina Niemistö came up with the idea of A service where you can donate goods.

Intraktio has recently helped to widen it’s scope to common platform for all organisations in need of donated stuff.


How it went? won Kultahuippu (first price) in Vuoden Huiput 2015 awards in category Young Creatives. 

Elina Niemistö is Intraktio founder Jyri Rasinmäki’s old colleague from Vapa Media where Elina works today as Lead Designer. is a case example of how digital service design can actually save a world a little. It’s also example of what one can achieve with a group of talented friends.


CASE: Tulevaisuuden Valtiopäivät

Tulevaisuuden Valtiopäivät Mobile

What we did?

Finland turned 100 years and group of politically active people decided to arrange the event for the next 100 years of activism. AI researcher, government of Finland, activist from Argentina and people from different fields attended.

How it went?

Work was pretty straightforward case where designer of client illustrates the visuals and concept of website. Then technical partner communicates saying: “yes, thats possible”, “no, that’s off the budget”, “that’s possible, but not clever” and “that’s good idea!”

We did front-end, back-end, forms for attendees, WordPress integration, cool animations and helped client to make decisions.




What we did?

Mustikka Go is a service that helps berry pickers find bilberries. The service uses open map data and research findings to predict where bilberries grow. This information is helpful both for individuals and for commercial use.

Mustikka Go

How it went?

When it was launched in Finland in autumn 2016, Mustikka Go got great amount of media attention, delighted reactions from the public, and thousands of users. In the coming year, we are going to expand the service to other Nordic countries and develop a prediction algorithm for forecasting cowberry crops as well.




What we did?

Teaching is great way to learn and build better world. We have done code schools by ourselves, because we believe it’s right thing to do. Also, we have build special courses for our clients, like culture center Sähinä and Sanoma. For Sanoma we created a narrative concept for Donald Duck.

Mutsien Koodikoulu


How it went?

The course in Lauttasaari was fully booked, got excellent feedback, and hopefully produced some great career beginnings for young developers. Following the good experience from the first course, we plan on arranging multiple new courses in the coming year for various other groups in addition to kids.

In one of our code school a young boy started to cry suddenly. He didn’t know what coding or software development was, got confused and felt bad because of that. Anyhow, he knew how to play piano and was able to read musical notes. After short chatting, the music was the route to the understanding how blocks work. After six weeks, this dude had found a new friend from the course and coded their first game ever.