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Digital service design, software development, artificial intelligence, web applications, data visualisations, prototyping, technical consulting, and websites as a service.

Services listed on top are something we can do and offer right now.

We are constantly developing our skills so we can not only offer more, but also deliver it. Have request outside our service range? Tell your need so we can figure out how to help you.

So far we have worked with and for following organisations and projects: Mustikka Go, Sitra, Gapps, Solinor, Kaskas Media, Torikorttelit, Mainostoimisto Frank, D11, Pyörien Pyörä, Vapa Media, Karteks, Linja Locistics, Kalliolan Nuoret, Suomen Hierojakoulut, SuPer & Tulevaisuuden Valtiopäivät.



Mustikka Go is a service that helps berry pickers to find bilberries. Services uses open map data and research findings to predict where bilberries grow. This information is helpful for individuals, but also for commercial.

Mustikka Go

When launched on autumn 2016, Mustikka Go got great amount of media attention as well delighted reactions from public. It got many thousand users after launch. On next year, we are going to widen service to Nordics and develop prediction algorithm so we could forecast cowberry crops as well.




We arranged code course for kids aged 7 to 13 years. The goal was to teach basics of programming by designing and coding an actual game.

The course was fully booked, got really good feedback and produced hopefully some great beginnings for young developers. Because of the great input and good times, we are going to arrange multiple courses in the next year for various groups besides kids.