Join us!

We are now looking for a full-stack developer, graphic and/or service designer and a business controller.


Open position: Developer

We expect you to be familiar with these:

  • Cloud services
  • Test automation
  • CI-systems
  • NPM, Grunt/Gulp, Babel + webpack, Spring
  • Rest API, system integrations
  • Virtual Machines and Unix-knowledge would be great as well

We hope you have the following personal qualities:

  • You are  a nice person who can think by yourself
  • You have a background in software consulting business, product house or start up scene
  • You are aware of the pros and cons of a small company (development potential on the other hand, uncertainty in everything on another)
  • You are willing to develop (a pun intended).

What we actually do:

  • Mainly we focus on fast prototyping, MVP’s and development of new services.
  • As clients we have corporations, organisations and start-ups.
  • Team selects the project they want to work with. Sale aims to find projects that support team development.
  • Once in a while we play basketball, go to see a movie (we have free tickets for the next Star Wars premiere!) and do all kinds of other things that come to mind.
  • Speak openly about work and our personal issues and ideas.
  • We share the office with talented people from Gut Studios.

We want to offer you:

  • Good salary
  • Great people
  • Autonomy (in everything)
  • Support
  • The possibility to own shares if that’s something you are interested in

Work will start ASAP. Or whenever you are ready.


Jyri Rasinmäki
+358 50 3066 036