Intelligent digital services

World is complex, but we expect simple solutions. That’s not how it works.

By creating digital services, we can affect to the world we live in. Those who create, determine how we buy things, read news, interact with other human beings and understand the nature. To make the future good for all of us, we must cooperate. We need good code, brilliant design, research, touching dialog, understanding and holistic humanity to create services worth of using.

We are willing to help and do our part to make future great. We are willing to work our asses off and solve problems that haven’t been solved yet.

Intraktio is software development company that design and create digital services with help of (artificial) intelligence.


Work philosophy

We see ourself as a part of the ecosystem. One player among the other that tries to find its ecological niche to live and evolve. And help others to do so as well. We don’t have silver bullets for you my friens, but we have our knowledge, skills and drive.


Our background is in service design, marketing, design, communication and software development. We share interest towards psychology, philosophy and other liberal arts. And we are not afraid to use this holistic, whole approach when working with our customers.

Capable doers, solid processes and fast problem solving skills form base of our work.